Latest Layoffs: Wendy Corona Cut at KPRC/Houston

The Houston Chronicle

Wendy Corona/Houston Chron Photo

Wendy Corona/Houston Chron Photo

is reporting tonight that anchor Wendy Corona has been released at KPRC/Houston, in an “economic decision.”  Corona, who arrived at the Post-Newsweek station from PNS sister station WPLG/Miami, will not be replaced.  Rachel McNeill and Dominique Sachse will co-anchor the 4 and 6 p.m. newscasts until a permanent replacement is named.

Classic quote from News Director Skip Valet:  “We know that we are facing very difficult economic times, and we have to find efficiencies where we can.  We’re looking at a lot of ways to do that.  Unfortunately, in this case it involved a person.”  Involved a person.  Wow.  At least he managed–as so few news directors seem to be able to do lately–to resist the insulting “we’re going in a different direction” cliche.


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3 responses to “Latest Layoffs: Wendy Corona Cut at KPRC/Houston

  1. Brendan Keefe

    Skip is good people.

    In the last recession, KPRC let my contract expire after nine very fruitful years with Post-Newsweek. Different management team then.

    Skip Valet is one of the good guys in this business.

  2. Michael

    Oh my God say it isn’t so!
    Wendy was a great addition to KPRC and will be sorely missed.
    I hate to be so harsh, but, but….couldn’t Skip have let Owen go?
    It’s my opinion, but he is like watching paint dry.
    Courtney could have been axed before Wendy!
    These are my opinions and I’m sticking to them!
    P.S. If Jennifer Reyna, Dominique, or Bill ever leave, then that’s it Mister Skip!

  3. Duke Frye

    I’ve not worked for a local affiliate for twenty years now, but how they treat you really hasn’t changed. As the weekend sports anchor at KPRC back in 1988, I received notice my contract wasn’t being renewed while I was on vacation. Then, I was asked if I’d help get the new guy from Boston, who was a friend of the news director’s, get acclimated until my contract ran out in two months. Glad to see a few great people like Bill Balleza and Phil Archer still survive there.

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