Liveshot? Yes. Livetruck? Nope.


WTSP's Truck-Free Liveshot

ENG/SNG truck operators, listen up:  the times, they are a’changin’.  Poynter has a story today about a WTSP/Tampa liveshot from Ft. Lauderdale pulled off for about the cost of a phone call.  TSP didn’t roll the sat truck across Alligator Alley, they just sent reporter Janie Porter with a laptop and a Blackberry: 

“She didn’t have a big live truck accompanying her, or an engineer tuning in a shot or a photojournalist standing behind the camera and setting up lights.

Porter set up her own camera, opened her laptop, connected the camera to her computer, slipped a wireless connection card into her laptop, called up Skype and used her Blackberry to establish IFB (the device TV folks wear in their ears to hear the off-air signal). It all looked just great on air. ”

You can see the liveshot here.


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