Turmoil and Tough Times at Tampa's WFTS

Eric Deggans at the St. Pete Times has more today on the departure of anchor Walt Maciborski at WFTS/Tampa, quoting the soon-to-be-former 5:30 anchor as saying he’s “a casualty of the economy, timing and ambition.”  Maciborski, 41, tells Deggans he’s headed to California with his family in the hopes of finding work.

FTS, the station that debuted with a motto of “Working Hard to Be Your Favorite,” has been working hard to cut costs, firing investigative reporter Matthew Schwartz, and turning top anchor Brendan McLaughlin’s half-hour public affairs program, “Flashpoint” into a five minute interview segment.  

FTS GM Rich Pegram tells Deggans it’s not just about the money, but about ratings, and that ABC Action News will expand its weekend morning coverage, though they’ll do so with one-man-bands in the field.  “We need to improve our position in the ratings, so there are changes that have been made and that will be made,” Pegram said.

The full story’s on Eric’s excellent TV

WFTS Photo

Brendan McLaughlin/WFTS Photo

blog, “The Feed.”


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