“Tough Questions” WGCL/Atlanta Crew Get Tough Treatment, Handcuffs at City Hall

A WGCL/Atlanta crew covering a story on water bills ended up in handcuffs Friday, after an incident at Atlanta City Hall.  Reporter Renee Starzyk and Photog Jeff Thorn were handcuffed and held while working their story in the City Hall lobby, an area CBS Atlanta points out is a public place.

The confronting police officer–they were ultimately not booked or charged–grabbed for Thorn’s camera, and when pressed to explain his behavior, told the crew they were guilty of “obstruction,” according to a post on the CBS46 site, where you can watch the crew’s raw video.  The vid will almost certainly end up in a proof-of-performance promo for the station’s new branding, “We Ask the Tough Questions.”

UPDATE:  5:08 PM EST:  CBS 46ers tell us that WGCL News Director Steve Schwaid–who has a long reputation of being an in-the-field-with-the-troops ND, was out the door and with his crew after the incident, updating his Facebook status later to say he was “back after taking care of his photog and reporter who got arrested.”  Gotta love the hands-on service!


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One response to ““Tough Questions” WGCL/Atlanta Crew Get Tough Treatment, Handcuffs at City Hall

  1. dk3

    Aw, that cop just didn’t understand the law– it totally stinks that the news crew has to do whatever the cop says but I kinda felt bad for the guy at the end.. he looked sorry for what he had done. I’m thinking he may have been having a senior moment… I wish the cops in Miami were as respectful.

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