WABC’s N.J. Burkett Puts On a Digital Display of Multimedia Reporting Power

WABCs N.J. Burkett

WABC's N.J. Burkett

Tireless and talended WABC/NYC reporter N.J. Burkett’s currently on assignment in the Middle East, a place he’s been before, and while it’s great to see New York reporters still traveling to cover the big Gaza story, Channel 7’s taking it a step farther, with Burkett Twittering throughout the day, giving “followers” a sense of what it’s like to be in the war zone covering the story–and, of course, driving those people to WABC’s newscasts later in the day.

Richard Huff at the New York Daily News has the story today, quoting from Burkett’s Tweets:  “Things are changing – packing up our operation and moving out of southern Israel,” Burkett wrote at one point Thursday. “New missiles in the north – scrambling to get there.”

Later, Huff quotes Burkett describing the shelling in vivid detail–and creating interest among viewers in a way no news tease probably could:  “That missile strike was bizarre,” Burkett wrote on Twitter Thursday afternoon. “Smashed through the cement roof, then through second floor and into the kitchen. You’ll see it tonight.”

If your station’s not employing Twitter, you’re missing something.  Read Richard Huff’s piece in the Daily News here.

UPDATE 12:15 PM EST:  Columbia J-School is holding a live phone/web chat about Twitter as a reporting tool for journalists.  Get info on joining the chat here.  If you miss it, you can listen in later via blogtalkradio.



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2 responses to “WABC’s N.J. Burkett Puts On a Digital Display of Multimedia Reporting Power

  1. Arun

    Great post– just one point– like virtually all western journos, NJ is in Israel, not Gaza. That’s part of the problem with covering this conflict properly.

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