Yes, TV Newsers, Those Print Folk With Cameras Can Scoop You… Hard.

Admit it.  You’ve seen print reporters or photographers clumsily lugging small digital cameras and tripods, doing the best they can to get their mics on the mic stand at a news conference, and you’ve thought to yourself, “pathetic.”  Well.  Thing is, they may not have been carrying tripods and light kits for all the years you have, but guess what:  doesn’t matter.

Case in point:  The Manchester Evening News.  The UK paper decided recently to outfit its reporters with the simplest of video equipment:  Nokia N95 phones, that can capture video.  And the other night, MEN reporter (or, as they call them there, “mojo” for mobile journalist) Nicola Dowling was in the right place at the right time, and used her Nokia to capture some key video:  the aftermath of a car crash involving one of Europe’s top “footballers,” Cristiano Ronaldo, who was unhurt.

Dowling’s exclusive stills and video were ultimately picked up by papers like the Sun, but also by TV old schoolers like the BBC and SkyNews.  (Not for nothing, but that’s no way to treat a Ferrari.)

Watch the mojo’s video here

Ronaldo Crash/Manchester Evening News

Ronaldo Crash/Manchester Evening News



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