Hey! Aren’t You the Guy from That News Widget On My Computer?

Apparently Yahoo and the folks who make TV sets are determined to hook up, further eliminating the “separate screen” break between your computer and your TV.  According to CNNMoney.com, “nearly every major TV maker announced deals (at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas) to embed Yahoo’s “widget engine” software inside their products to provide content from an unbounded variety of internet sites.”  So does this mean bloggers will be barging onto my TV?  Or local newsers will be popping up more and more on my desktop?  It’s Saturday.  Have I taken on more than I can handle for a weekend morning halfway through my first cup of coffee?

Here’s an analysts takeaway on the deals, which involve the biggest names in TV manufacturing, including Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Vizio:  “This has great long-term potential for Yahoo, it increases their reach and bolsters their claim to being a ‘three screen’ media company, which is the prize these days.”

Your three screens, of course, are your TV, your computer, and your cell phone.  I guess the message to folks who make their living doing news could be as simple as this:  be thinking about being relevant on all three screens, and you’re staying with the curve in a crazy, scary time.  Tons of upside, lots of new ways and places to tell stories, you’ve just got to know where the news consumers are, and how to get your story in front of them.

KTVK/Phoenixs Yahoo News Widget

KTVK/Phoenix's Yahoo News Widget



Okay.  Refilling my coffee now.  You can read more on the CES and Yahoo’s Widget deals at CNNMoney.


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