Latest Layoffs: Sports Gets Deeply Downsized in Dallas

Nita Wiggins/KDFW Photo

KDFW/Dallas has sent another sports reporter packing, quietly releasing Nita Wiggins last week after eight years at the station. News Director Maria Barrs declined to say much to Dallas news blogger Uncle Barky:  “Her contract had ended.”

Without Wiggins, DFW is essentially running a two-person sports team, primary anchor Mike Doocy and weekend anchor/reporter Max Morgan.  A local newser inside the DFW newsroom said the cuts are hurting morale:    “For a station that devotes as much air time to local news as FOX 4, this clearly shows what direction local sports is going.”

Local newsers:  what’s the situation in your shop?  How deep are the sports cuts?  Do your sportsters travel?  (And lest us not forget the much-discussed Tampa sports liveshot from Ft. Lauderdale:  one woman crew, doing it all by her lonesome.)

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