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“Miracle on Hudson:” WNBC Leads Local Newsers with Story

03*WNBC/NYC, often criticized in recent years for falling behind on breaking news (“where’s 4?”) and still adjusting to its new evolution into a “content center,” delivered old-school style when the big breaker hit the river Thursday afternoon.  “Ch. 4 was first on with a report of the crash, and had the first footage from the scene. The others followed shortly,” reports Richard Huff in the Daily News.

If you’ve got a take on the NYC local newsers’ performance on the story, please share it.


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“Miracle on Hudson” Proves Power of Social Network Reporting


iPhone Photo from Approaching Ferry

The unbelievable story that captivated New York and the world Thursday was also a powerful demonstration of the convergence of old and new media.  As networks scrambled, New Yorkers posted iPhone pix of the plane down and river rescue to Flickr and Twitter… and television stations, getting quickly into the game, picked up on the eyewitness posts and got those people on the air. 

Silicon Alley Insider has pics and video.

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