Jay DeDapper’s Still Forcing NY Pols to “Get Real”

Ex WNBC/NY political correspondent Jay DeDapper, released this month in yet another offloading of experienced talent at the “content center” has not, it turns out, gone gentle into that good night.  DeDapper, smart and savvy, has turned his personal website, jaydedapper.com,

Jay DeDapper

Jay DeDapper

into “Get Real with Jay DeDapper,” a site devoted to turning the screws on the ever-so-screwturn-deserving pols in Albany, but he’s also got his sights set on politicians everywhere:  “Get Real is based in New York so we’ll split our focus between national and New York news looking at politics, government, business, and other big stories. If you see a story or detect some serious BS give us a shout and we’ll get on it. Change is supposedly in the air. Let’s see how that works out,” he says.

DeDapper doesn’t dwell on his unceremonious departure from WNBC, saying only in a pithy Q&A on the site, “Q:  Why aren’t you on TV anymore?   A: Patience.”

Check out Jay’s site here.


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3 responses to “Jay DeDapper’s Still Forcing NY Pols to “Get Real”

  1. Deborah Potter

    Glad to know what Jay’s up to. His “can they do it?” approach to covering campaign promises was a local TV breakthrough some years back. Hope he can make a living keeping ’em honest online.

    • Deborah,

      Agreed. Jay’s a true talent and it’s a shame to see him off WNBC. At the same time, he’s a creative, aggressive reporter,
      and his website demonstrates that; if anyone can prove the value of a news-oriented blog, he can.

      And by the way, thanks so much for visiting my newborn blog… having you here is quite a compliment.


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