LATEST LAYOFFS: WCBS/NY Cuts Rodgers, Discepolo

Ducis Rodgers/WCBS Photo

Ducis Rodgers/WCBS Photo

NY Daily News TV writer Richard Huff quotes a source at WCBS/NY this morning, saying Channel 2 has pink slipped sports director Ducis Rodgers and morning sports anchor John Discepolo, leaving the CBS O&O with a sports team of precisely one: Sam Ryan. Huff says station officials refused comment, but Huff’s source credited the cuts to “cost cutting.”

The layoffs (Rodgers’ last day is reportedly Thursday, with Discepolo ending his Channel 2 run on Friday) come just days after Huff’s column
 arguing that local tv sports itself is an endangered species.


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3 responses to “LATEST LAYOFFS: WCBS/NY Cuts Rodgers, Discepolo

  1. Duke Frye

    Local sports is dead where sportscaster make little or no attempt to focus on the word “local”. If you want to compete with ESPN, you lose, but if you want to focus on the things that are important in your community, there’s a place for that. A good story is a good story, no matter whether it is news or sports. You also have to have management that believes that.

    If you’re plugged into your community and what is going on, a sports reporter is just as important as the beat reporter at city hall. Sports viewers are more passionate about obtaining fresh information than anyone else, even in small markets where high schools and small colleges are the focus. If you have pro teams/college teams in your market, you have to be more connected than anyone else.

    Do those things and local sports isn’t dead, it is alive and well.

  2. Duke,

    I’ve seen so much truly inspired sports reporting at the stations where I’ve worked; stories that define what local journalism can be when it’s done right. Sadly, sports seems to have been cut so deeply over the last few years, there isn’t enough of a sports block left to even air a full package anymore, unless, of course, “sports is news,” and it leads the show.

    Thanks for reading the blog and sharing your thoughts… hope you’ll keep comin’ back!


  3. Could someone please tell me who’s leading after the first round of the Tennessee High School state wrestling tournament here in Chattanooga?
    I’ve been watching ESPN, Fox Sports and all of the other cable sports outlets, and they haven’t even mentioned it!
    What about some information on last night’s Soddy-Daisy versus Red Bank High School district tournament game? They haven’t mentioned that, either.
    I’d like to talk more, but now I must go finish putting MY 6 o’clock minute-and-a-half sportscast together, which WILL include hilites and an update from that wrestling tournament, and the local high school ball games. Seems that some folks in these parts can’t get that stuff on ESPN, either!
    That’s how WE roll.
    I don’t get it. TV numbers dwindle… the cut sports… the numbers continue to dwindle. Are the powers that be too close to the forest to see the trees. Maybe the viewers would really like to see local sports!

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