UPDATED–“Lightning Rod” Oklahoma Sports Anchor Could Be Released from Hospital Today

KWTV/OKC sports director Dean Blevins may get to go home from the OU Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit as early as today, according to a report on newsok.com.

Dean Blevins/KWTV

Dean Blevins/KWTV

Blevins has been treated for a severe head injury after slipping on ice Monday and hitting his head on a step in front of his home.

Blevins tells Mel Bracht at newsok.com the injury will require the sports anchor work with a speech pathologist after his release from the hospital, “they are going to be monitoring it regularly.  There are questions about whether it affects your speech and some cognitive issues.”

No question about interest among Oklahomans in Blevins’ condition:  “The story on Blevins’ accident was the No. 2 most-read story on NewsOK on Tuesday, a fact that Blevins said Mayor Mick Cornett kidded him about in a telephone call Wednesday morning.

He said Cornett told him, “I always told you the reason that people wanted you to work for them was that you’re the No. 1 lightning rod, sort of like Howard Cosell. There were 27,000 people that read it — 13,000 probably hoped you die and the other 14,000 people wished you well.”

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