Making Multi-Platform Work: Building a Brand All by Yourself

If I said to you, “hey, check out this reel of a guy’s one-man-band standups,” you might feign a kidney stone and run.  But the above video’s rightfully burning up the proverbial YouTubes.  It’s the work of KGTV/San Diego phenomenon Joe Little, a backpacker who doesn’t use that as an excuse to do boring standups.  In fact, he’s more creative by himself than the vast majority of two-person field crews shooting standups today.  Far more creative.


So as we talk about the inevitable spread of multiplatforming one-person content machines, think about Joe Little and what he represents:  the complete lack of downside for the determined reporter, willing to lug his own gear, but also willing and ready to get the upside… a unique brand that is yours and yours alone.  Nobody’s asking Joe Little, “hey, who were you out with today, that standup was great!”  It’s his thing.  And right now, he owns it.


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