Latest Layoffs: Crespo Joins Chappell, Irzyk in Cuts at KDAF (Is Anyone Left?)


Dallas TV blogging guru Uncle Barky broke the news tonight: veteran anchor Tom Crespo was let go at KDAF/Dallas on Wednesday: “News director David Duitch could not immediately be reached for comment and Crespo declined to be interviewed Wednesday. But a surefire sign of Crespo’s departure is his removal from the station’s Web site. Like several others in recent months, his picture and bio have vanished.”

Tom Crespo/KDAF

Crespo anchored the main nightly newscast at “The 33” alongside Terri Chappell, who was laid off last December. With Crespo’s departure, the 7-night a week news station has just two remaining news anchors: Jim Grimes and Dawn Tongish. As Uncle Barky points out, the station’s bio page has been shrinking steadily: “Reporter Michael Rey, sports anchor Bob Irzyk, weekend weatherman Fred Barnhill and entertainment reporter Victoria Snee also have left by choice or otherwise during Duitch’s tenure.”



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2 responses to “Latest Layoffs: Crespo Joins Chappell, Irzyk in Cuts at KDAF (Is Anyone Left?)

  1. Clyde Clark

    Whoever hired David Duitch? Did he/she give this fool free rein to destroy one of the friendliest TV crew I’ve ever seen? I’ve lived in Seattle, Portland, Grand Forks, N.D. and Anchorage, AK and have never seen a more affable, functional, entertaining TV team than the old group on Ch. 33. Now most of them are gone. The new people lack the chumminess of the old team. Maybe someone should step in and fire this fool Duitch. (?)

  2. nancy

    I agree Clyde. My family no longer watches their news because of this. It’s a shame what power can do. I wish them all well and know this will be another stations gain.

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