Latest Layoffs: Philly Fox Station Cuts Kolpan

Gerald Kolpan

Gerald Kolpan

The Delco Times reports this morning that Philadelphia’s Fox 29 has released reporter Gerald Kolpan: “Kolpan is more than a reporter, he is a story gatherer. He took events and found what was interesting to say about them. He took the unobvious and revealed to his news audience in a creative and literate way,” writes Delco’s Neal Zoren, who’s clearly a Kolpan fan.

“I know that this is an odd time to sent Gerald Kolpan packing. A novel he just published, a fictional account of the Katherine Ross character, Etta Place, in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” has caught fire. Kolpan will be on every newscast in the nation to talk about his book. His celebrity is assured. Funny time to release a marquee player, huh?”

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s “Insider” reported previously that Kolpan’s contract was up February 2nd, and was not renewed, after 21 years of feature reporting at the station.


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