On the Links: Innovation (Not TV) and Layoffs (TV) Anybody Seeing a Pattern Here?

OntheLinksThe future–and the fallout–on the links today.

A few stories on innovation, and as I’ve been telling you, they’re not coming from local TV:  newspapers, and (seriously?) the oldest of the old line, the AP.

And in fallout, more layoffs, layoffs, layoffs, and another new Content Center.  If there’s one thing I’d bet on, it’s that anything in TV called a “Content Center” will not be a Google-like hub of innovation, but rather a Kafkaesque exercise in overworked, underpaid newsworkers churning out the unwatchable on air, and the unreadable online.

Simon Owens at PBS’ MediaShift reports from Miami on an experiment in hyperlocal community reporting/blogging underway at the Miami Herald, where the paper teams up with local bloggers.  Again, don’t count newspapers out in all of this.  They’re doing way more experimentation (out of necessity, sure) than TV stations.

Ian Crouch at Neiman Journalism Lab reports the AP’s acting all new media-ish with plans to crowdsource its coverage of Sonia Sotomayor’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings next week. (Not sure what crowdsourcing is?  Oh.  What am I going to do with you?)

Paul Farhi at the Washington Post reports on a “reorganization” at WRC/DC that sounds so painfully familiar–the debut of a “content center,” and the layoff of legions of writers, editors and technicians.

Michael Roberts at Westword in Denver has the latest on talent and tech layoffs at KDVR, including top weather guy Chris Dunn.

James Rainey at the LA Times has a strange, but fascinating piece on the to-the-bone layoffs at FOX O&O KTTV:  “And now it must be said of the Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles:  So diminished.  So wretched.”


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