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markjoyellaheadshotLocalNewser is a website by Mark Joyella, an Emmy Award-winning reporter who’s been around the local news block a few times.  The aim here is simple:  to document what’s happening in local television (the layoffs, the cutbacks, the “content centers”), and to provide an open platform to discuss what’s happening now, what’s going to happen next… and how together, we can keep local journalists working, and local journalism alive and relevant in the internet age.

Mark produces documentary films, and shorter video content for his own websites (including a new site devoted to wine and travel, www.vinitrek.com, set to launch this summer) and for community news sites like the Brooklyn Bugle.  Mark’s print work has appeared in the New York Post, and online at The Daily Beast.

Mark also serves as the first community-supported journalist at The Coaching Commons, producing stories on the field of coaching worldwide.  In his unique role, Mark’s reporting is funded through a grant from the nonprofit Harnisch Foundation as an effort to explore new ways of bringing journalism to audiences and subjects that have not traditionally been covered by for-profit media.

Mark coaches aspiring and experienced journalists on writing, reporting, and bringing energy and personality into their work, whether it’s for a local news station, a cable channel, or the web. He also teaches classes through mediabistro.com.

Mark does media training for television stations and corporations, voice over work, and in New York, he can be seen Saturday nights and Sunday mornings on WPIX’s “Toni On! New York,” alongside Toni Senecal and Steven Van Zant.

To learn more about Mark’s work, visit www.standupkid.com.

You can also connect to Mark on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networking sites:




3 responses to “About standupkid's localnewser

  1. Mark have enjoyed following your Tweets, look forward to your thoughts on the industry.

    Seems “what’s next” is on everyone’s radar. Check out a new book being pubished by AR&D, Re-Engineering Local Television. Expect to see on the streets in a couple of weeks. Some really good level headed insight.

    Congrats on the new blog.

  2. Hey Mark,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I am a longtime TV news health reporter now running a blog on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic and still doing a little TV on the side. It’s definitely an interesting time for broadcast journalism right now.

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