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I Give You a Hot Tip, You Flatter Me in Public: That Something You Might Be Interested In?

Seen This Before? If Not, It's Time to Get On the Twitter Stick

As a career reporter, I’m just not in the habit of surrendering information except in the form of stories, hopefully the kind that grab viewers’ attention, and send assignment editors and managers at competing stations into fits of swearing and desk-kicking as their run to their Nextels to scream at their reporters, asking why they didn’t get what I just had.  (Happens mostly in dreams, but it’s still a nice feeling)

At any rate, I’m willing to reveal an insider’s goldmine to all you local newsers who, maybe like me, agonize about the morning meeting and the inevitable glare of the news director with his, “and what’ve you got to offer today?”  Lately, I’ve had more to bring to the table.  And I’m going to tell you how I’ve done it.  And yeah, snarky tech-resisters, it involves Twitter.  So if you can’t handle that, just scroll on down and look at the pretty pictures of news choppers.

But before I go into detail, there’s a catch.  I’m going to want something in return.  So, to quote Bob Ryan on HBO’s “Entourage,” is that something you might be interested in?  If so, read on.

On Monday nights, for the Twitterati who find themselves suddenly putting ampersands before people’s names out of Twitter habit, the gathering known as #journchat has become a crowded, rowdy, and deeply informative experience.  Journalists, PR pros, and bloggers gather in on Twitter to ask questions of each other–to say, in essense, hey, give me hand here, what are YOU people all about?  The Q&A brings down walls and leads to a lot of common ground, funny lines, and–get this–story ideas.

Is That Something You Might Be Interested In?

"Is That Something You Might Be Interested In?"

If you’ve ever read a press release (and we all have) and wondered, “who the hell writes this crap,” well, an hour or two talking free-form and no-holds-barred with PRs can be revealing.  Many of them just don’t know what journos want or need.  You like phone calls or emails?  I recently griped about the hit-every-email-in-box-in-the-damn-newsroom syndrome with a “just between you and me” story pitch.  You go in, you say, “hey, I heard from somebody…” and stop when the other reporters smirk and eventually say in unison, “we got that email too.”  FAIL.

Anyway, my advice to you:  get on the Twitter, and check it out. (And while you’re there, don’t forget to follow me: www.twitter.com/standupkid)

Now.  Payback.  Next Monday, #journchat’s taking nominees for a guest moderator.  I think it’s time a local newser took the helm for a night, and with your help, I.  Can.  Be.  That.  Man.  All I ask?  Comment on this post and let the world know why I’m (just talking points here–you know, to guide your thinking) witty, smart, fair, and profoundly gifted at anticipating the changes roiling the world of local tv news–and PR.  Or something like that.

The deadline is Wednesday.  A raft of rave comments will–hopefully–show a groundswell of support for me as the next moderator du jour.  So, you know, throw a guy a bone.  If you want.  I’d appreciate it.  And even if you don’t, come join #journchat next Monday and learn some new stuff about PR, tv news, blogging and social media that might help you keep your job for another week or so.

So.  Tell me.  Is that something you might be interested in?


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