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Liveshot? Yes. Livetruck? Nope. Vol. 2, The Obama Inauguration Edition

Lauren Squires Goes Live by Skype

Lauren Squires Goes Live by Skype

I should probably label these posts NSFW, since if your news director sees them, it could spell trouble:  another Skype-enabled backpacker doing it all and going live…no photog, no truck, no satellite window, nada.  (Can you hear the dripping sounds of local tv news managers salivating?)

Lauren Squires, a bureau reporter in Dubuque for KWWL/Waterloo got a big gig:  the inauguration of Barack Obama.  She traveled to DC with a local group of Iowans and, in keeping with the multiplatform ideal, she blogged, shot her own packages, and even whipped out the laptop to do liveshots via Skype: 

“I traveled (26 hours) via bus with the Dubuque Colts Drum and Bugle Corps. They were selected to play in the Inauguration parade. I was an embedded journalist, who slept on a gym floor with hundreds of members of the corps (Alumni and current members, marching and spectators).   I blogged from the moment we left Dubuque on Saturday to the moment we arrived back to Iowa. http://addins.kwwl.com/blogs/scribbles/

Check out her work.  And think about it.  Seriously.  Think about it.  One day soon you’re going to get that tempting offer–“hey, we’d like to send you out of town…”

FULL DISCLOSURE:  My attempt at backpacking my way through the Obama Inauguration, complete with laptop, blogging and Twittering, was, shall we say, somewhat less successful, with snowstorms and bus breakdowns.  Read about my sad saga here.

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