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The “Future of Media,” Tribune-Style: Local TV Newsers Take Over Print

So they just named a new publisher of the Hartford Courant.  The Courant’s a Pulitzer-Prize winner, and the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper, according to The New York Times, and is owned by the bankrupt Tribune Company (insert your own joke there).  

So who’s taking the helm at the Courant?  It’s Richard Graziano.  His newspaper knowledge?  Uh… taking stories from the paper and making TV stories out of them, maybe?  See, Graziano’s the GM of Hartford’s WTIC and WTXX, now set to move into the Courant’s building, where Tribune plans to build a new, HD studio and expand newscasts.  You can just imagine how delighted the print guys are about their new boss and roommates, right?



Anyway, this, Tribune says, is “the future of media.”  Randy Michaels, Tribune’s COO, explains:  “Whether in print, over the air, or online–the delivery mechanism isn’t as important as the unique, rich nature of the content provided.”

In an article posted on the courant.com website, Tribune admits that its efforts to leverage print and TV ownership in other markets has been a “mixed success” and suggests that this kind of full broadcast and print meld with a TV guy running the show (and adding Publisher to his business cards) will make things work.



You might have a tough time selling that in the shell-shocked Courant newsroom, where staff has been cut nearly in half (45%) since last year, and the “future of media” apparently didn’t even come with a timetable or step-by-step owner’s manual. Kenneth Gosselin, who wrote the story for the Courant from the soon-to-be-billed “WTIC-Courant” newsroom, was forced to explain it all this way:  “The Courant remains the largest newsgathering operation covering Connecticut, and the combined WTIC-Courant newsroom will be by far the largest in the state. It remains unclear how, when and whether news reporting operations will be combined.”


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Laid Off? At Least You Get Severance Pay, Right? Uh, Right?

Longtime WPIX/NY reporter Glenn Thompson, laid off by Channel 11 last December, now says the company won’t budge on the severance pay he believes he’s owed.  Thompson tells the New York Post’s Michael Starr:  “They were supposed to pay my severance immedi ately on Jan. 6, the day my contract officially expired,” he says. “No one’s given me any answers at all.”

The Old School WPIX Logo

Thompson, who spent twenty years at PIX, now insists he can’t even get a returned phone call from the station.  “It’s pretty outrageous to me,” he says. “They’re con tractually bound to pay me. I said to them, ‘I’m gonna have to sue.’ I want my severance.” Ch. 11 officials had no com ment yesterday.

Starr reports part of the problem may be PIX owner Tribune’s bankruptcy filing, which has much of its business dealings tied up in the courts.  Still, c’mon people.  Two decades?  Can we get a call back?  The speed with which beloved members of the station’s “family” become nonentities–if it happens faster and with more ice-cold shoulderiness in any other business, I’d love to know.

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