Ex-KPRC/Houston Anchor Wendy Corona: “Blindsided,” Now Suing (Says Houston’s “Hair Balls” Blog)

Ex-KPRC Anchor Wendy Corona

Ex-KPRC Anchor Wendy Corona

The economic savings of offloading big-name talent may now carry an unexpected pricetag:  the lawsuits. Former KPRC/Houston anchor Wendy Corona’s filed suit, according to the entertainingly-titled Houston Press blog “Hair Balls: “Former KPRC Channel 2 anchorwoman Wendy Corona is suing her former news station, alleging breach of contract and defamation.”

Corona, who arrived at the Post-Newsweek station from sister station WPLG in Miami, claims she was “blindsided,” Corona’s attorney, Jan Fox, tells Hair Balls. “One day she was on the air and the next day she wasn’t, without notice. It’s terrific damage to your public reputation to suddenly be jerked off the air due to circumstances beyond your control.”
Corona’s asking for lost wages, benefits and undetermined payment for damage to her reputation.


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4 responses to “Ex-KPRC/Houston Anchor Wendy Corona: “Blindsided,” Now Suing (Says Houston’s “Hair Balls” Blog)

  1. Chris

    Launching lawsuits seems to be a cottage industry when it comes to TV news anchors and reporters. I’ll conceded that while some of these cases might have merit, many don’t. Looked at by an outsider, it begs the question: Are these people essentially saying that ‘The job you unfairly took away from me is the only one I’m capable of …so give it back.”

  2. Chris,

    I’m waiting for the first lawsuit from a laid off technical director in a major market…a person who’s put in 20 years making the newscasts clean and current, who gets the unceremonious pink slip. Why don’t they have a claim to injury to their marketability as a news professional?

    I wish I could say unions were advancing this line of argument, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.


  3. CarlGlas

    Unless there was a breach of contract, I’m afraid she doesn’t have any standing. As far as for damage to her reputation, she will have to prove damages.

    Texas, the “employment at will” state.

  4. Thor

    I have a “Girlfriend” position available… she need not go unemployed!

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